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#7 Game based learning with Simone Titus

Simone Titus is a teaching and learning specialist in the Faculty of Community and Health Science at the University of the Western Cape. She graduated with a PhD in Education from the University of Cape Town where she developed an interest in the use of emerging technologies as a tool to mediate learning.

Her special research interests are focused on game-based learning and using emerging technologies to foster cross-cultural interaction, learning and engagement in higher education. During the past seven years, Simone has taught undergraduate and postgraduate students and she has a growing number of Masters and PhD students who are under her supervision. Her current portfolio involves developing teaching and learning strategies in health science and interprofessional education. She has been the recipient of, amongst others; the South African and Netherlands Programme for Advanced Development (SANPAD), AESOP Mobility to the University College of Dublin and has been awarded grant funding for various other projects.

You can find out more about Simone’s work at her ResearchGate and Google Scholar profiles.


Titus, S. & Ng’ambi, D. (2014). Exploring the use of digital gaming to improve student engagement at a resource poor institution in South Africa. Academic Conferences International.

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