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Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice (IPECP)

Chair: Abigail Dreyer

(University of Witwatersrand)


Dr Firdouza Waggie
(University of the Western Cape)

Hanlie Pitout
(Sefako Makgatho University)

vision and mission

The vision of the IPECP SIG is to strengthen interprofessional education and collaboration in Sub-Saharan Africa through increased networking amongst different health professionals. The mission of this SIG is to provide a platform for SAAHE members to share expertise and experiences, partake in professional development opportunities and establish research teams for IPECP research.


Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice (IPECP) is gaining acknowledgment and support in health professions education and in health practices worldwide. The advantage of working in interprofessional teams has been described extensively, with evidence of the positive outcomes of IPECP published in health professions journals. Many universities display an increased commitment towards IPECP, ranging for established dedicated units to manage IPECP, to informal workshops and seminars presented to both faculty and students.

The IPECP SIG is an ideal platform to promote IPECP outside and between different institutions, as this is where researchers, educators and clinical practitioners come together to learn from, about and with each other.


For the 2021- 2022 period a continued presence and participation in AfrIPEN (Sub-Sahara Africa Interprofessional Education Network) was maintained and the SIG leadership team participated in the students’ online activities at the Interprofessional Education Unit at UWC. The leadership team co-hosted the Dirisana + IPE meeting on leadership.

The IPECP SIG will present a workshop on leadership during the SAAHE conference

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