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#6 – A humanistic pedagogy for student support

Dr Jama is the head of the Division of Student Learning and Development in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of the Free State. Mpho does research on student retention, Humanistic pedagogy and Qualitative Social Research. Her PhD thesis is entitled: Designing an academic support and development programme to combat attrition among non-traditional medical undergraduates.

Resources for this conversation

Jama, M. (2017). Applying a humanistic pedagogy to advance and integrate humane values in a medical school environment. Perspectives in Education, 35(1):28-39.

Jama, M. (2016). Academic Guidance for Undergraduate Students in a South African Medical School: Can we guide them all? Journal of Student Affairs in Africa, 4(2):13-24.

Jama, M. (2010). Designing an academic support and development programme to combat attrition. PhD thesis. 10.13140/RG.2.1.1882.5120.

Jama, M., Monnapula-Mapesela, M & Beylefeld, A.A. (2008). Theoretical perspectives on factors affecting the academic performance of students. South African Journal of Higher Education, 22(5).

Jama, M. & Beylefeld, A.A. (2007). “Thou shallt know thy student”. What pre-university attributes characterised the first-year medical students that were denied examination access in 2007, and what competencies did they lack? Poster presentation.

More of Dr Jama’s work can be found on her ResearchGate profile.

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