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On the passing on Prof. Wendy McMillan

Photo of Wendy (for posters) (23 May 2011)It is with sadness that we note the passing of Prof Wendy McMillan on the 23rd December, 2015. Prof McMillan was a role model, a colleague, a friend and an Education Advisor to the UWC Faculty of Dentistry. She held various degrees, including in education, an honours in curriculum, and PhD in educational sociology. She was a substantially published author in health sciences education, a past National Chair of the South African Association of Health Educationists (SAAHE) and a SAAHE Council Representative. She received the SAAHE distinguished educator award and HELTASA teaching excellence award in 2012. Prof McMillan also served as an editorial board member of theĀ  African Journal of Health Professions Education.

Her loss will be felt by both SAAHE and SAFRI and we salute her for the important work she has done in both organisations. As the SAAHE community, we pay tribute to this pioneer in SAAHE and Health Professions Education in South Africa. We pass on our condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of Prof Wendy McMillan with the news of her death.

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Adenike Oluwakemi

What a big loss? May her soul rest in peace and her loved ones be comforted.

I agree, what a mammoth loss to the health fraternity.
Dear Wendy, Rest in Peace.

God bless.

Michael Botha
Member : SAAHE

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