Last minute announcements for SAAHE 2014

Well, we’re almost ready to kick off (sorry, couldn’t resist) with SAAHE 2014 and so I thought I’d take the opportunity to update you on a few last minute items before we start.

The abstract book is now available for download. If you have registered for the conference, you should receive this by email. Please note that we will only have a limited number of printed copies of the abstract book at the venue, so if you do not receive the book by email in the next few hours, you should either download it here or view it through the conference app.

Abstract book.

If you have not yet downloaded the conference programme, you can do so here. Note that the programme and abstract book are both available in the conference app, which you can install by searching for “saahe” in either the App store on iOS or Play store on Android. If you are viewing this page from your mobile device, clicking on the previous links will take you straight to the entry in the store). There is a lot of content available in the book, so we encourage you to use the bookmarking feature (see below), which allows you to bookmark abstracts that look interesting, and to which you might want to return. Touching the page number in the Bookmark menu – after pressing Edit – allows you to rename bookmarks so that they are relevant to you.


If you are unable to come to this year’s conference, we encourage you to follow events on Twitter, using the #saahe2014 hashtag. You can also see the live stream of tweets from within the conference app.


Finally, we’ve just found out that the hotel is giving us free, uncapped wifi for all delegates during the conference, so we’re also pretty excited about that.

And that’s it. If you’re traveling from far away (actually, if you’re traveling from anywhere) we wish you a safe journey and are looking forward to welcoming you in Cape Town for the 7th National SAAHE conference.

Mobile app for the SAAHE 2014 conference

We’re very happy to announce that the conference app is live in both the App and Play stores, and is available for download. You can search for the app in either store using “saahe” and install from there. If you’re reading this page on your mobile device, you can use the links below to install the app:

app store
What you should see after searching the App store for “saahe”.

Once you’ve downloaded the app and opened it, you will find yourself in the “Store”, which is simply the list of available content. You will need to be online in order for the content items to display when looking at the Store. Selecting an item shows a description of the document and enables you to download it (see below). Once documents have been downloaded, they appear in your Library. Once content has been downloaded to the library it will be available when you’re offline. Note that not all content is currently available. For example, the abstract book is undergoing final preparations and will be added as soon as possible. It will appear in the Store as soon as it is ready to be published.

navbar - small (new)


When you know exactly what (or who) you’re looking for, remember that each document is searchable, which means a lot of saved time when it comes to finding the presentation (or topic) you need.

Searching for "reflection" in the programme. Clicking on results will take you to that page.
Searching for “reflection” in the programme. Clicking on results will take you to that page.


We should emphasise that, while the app can be installed and used on mobile phones, the user experience is poor because of the small font size. This is particularly noticeable when viewing the programme. We therefore recommend that you install the app on a tablet instead. Alternatively, you can also view the available content through your desktop or laptop browser, at

Conference content is available through the browser, as well as through the app.
Conference content is available through the browser, as well as through the app.

The conference app is brought to you by Snapplify, who have been great in terms of helping us to set up the platform and providing a really high level of service. They will have an exhibit at the conference and will be happy to discuss any mobile publishing ideas you may have.