The hard task of assessing “soft” skills: Notes from a regional seminar

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On the 12th of September, the Western Cape SAAHE regional committee hosted a half-day seminar on the topic of assessing “soft” skills. We had 40 participants who spent a few hours discussing different approaches to assessing things like professionalism, interpersonal skills and graduate attributes. This post presents the notes taken during the discussion from the […]


#3 – Standard setting, with Scarpa Schoeman

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In this episode of the SAAHE podcast I speak to Prof. Scarpa Schoeman, Director of Undergraduate Medical Education at the Wits Medical School, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of the Witwatersrand, where he leads and directs the Graduate Entry Medical Programme. Scarpa and I talk about the (almost) universal pass mark (cut score) of 50% and the problems with this as a standard. We also discuss possible alternatives to standard setting that take into account the validity and reliability of the assessment scores, as well the difficulty of the test.