Chair: Bronwen Espen
(Stellenbosch University)


  • Bronwen Espen (Stellenbosch University)
  • Prof. Matthys Labuscagne (University of Free State)
  • Dr Elize Archer (Stellenbosch University)


Simulation is the modelling of behaviour or action by a person. Healthcare simulations may be used in Education, Assessment, Research and Health System Integration.

Simulation encompasses role play, using standardised patients; procedural skills training, using task trainers; team training, e.g. advanced life support using manikins and computer simulations.


To allow Healthcare Professions Educators to collaborate and support one another; to share experiences and promote simulation innovation within Southern Africa.

Proposed objectives

  • Provide quality assurance of simulation teaching, learning and assessment practices.
  • To promote research in simulation; in particular the role of teaching and assessment, by the development of a research agenda.
  • To promote the role of simulation in quality assurance, team building and improved patient safety within the health system, i.e. the clinical areas.
  • To share best practices.
  • To act as an advocacy body for the promotion of simulation in Health Professions Education.

Proposed activities

  • Establish an electronic database of persons using simulation in HPE.
  • Develop Regional simulation Groups.
  • Host regional meetings.
  • Host an annual meeting at the SAAHE national conference.