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SUCCEED Preconference Workshop

27 June 2018


SAAHE Conference, Gateway Hotel, Umhlanga, Durban


Title: Driving decentralised training – adaptive approaches


Prof M de Villiers, Dr G Eoyang, Profs J Blitz, I Couper, A Kent, S van Schalkwyk


Over the past three years, a framework for effective decentralised training has been developed through a national collaborative and co-creative process, facilitated by the Stellenbosch University Collaborative Capacity Enhancement through Engagement with Districts (SUCCEED) project. The framework includes a set of enabling factors that can be used in designing, implementing, evaluating and sustaining decentralised training initiatives in South Africa. Previous workshops held at SAAHE played a pivotal role in developing the framework. This pre-conference workshop takes this work further by offering participants an opportunity to consider how to apply the decentralised training framework in their own environments.

At the end of the workshop participants will be:

  • familiar with the framework for effective decentralised training;
  • able to apply the decentralised training framework to their own settings;
  • confident to use the enabling factors for decentralised training to implement and evaluate their own work;
  • willing to act as advocates for decentralised training.

The workshop will use interactive methods based on adaptive action to assist participants to reach the outcomes. The workshop will be ideal for participants currently engaged in decentralised training who wish to explore, develop and use the elements of the decentralised training framework in their own activities.


SAAHE Preconference Workshop

27 June 2018


SAAHE Conference, Gateway Hotel, Umhlanga, Durban


Title: SAAHE Student Health Professions Education Research Workshop

Presenters: Prof F Cilliers and Dr VS Singaram

To develop and support our national network of scholarly researchers in health professions education, we are excited to announce that the SAAHE Council has sponsored a research day for students – postgraduate or undergraduates – undertaking research in health professions education. Students are invited to present work in development, progress or completed work. The aim of this workshop is to provide a nurturing environment where students can engage in discussions, gain ideas, knowledge and feedback on their research. This meeting also offers the opportunity to build and expand your professional network with people who share your passion for research in health professions education.

We particularly encourage postgraduate students and their supervisors to attend. Students are requested to present their work with emphasis on the challenging aspects of their research.  This could be at any stage of the research process, from proposal development e.g., trying to define key constructs or solve a methodological challenge, to analysis or write up. Senior researchers and other students’ supervisors will be on hand at the presentations to think through and discuss the issues presented by the students. We aim to create a collegial space for all to share and learn rather than for the presentation of “perfect” work.

There will be no registration fee for this workshop, but if supervisors and/or students would like to stay on for the conference, then they will have to register for the main conference. Students and supervisors will also have to cover their own travel and accommodation costs.