2018 Conference Abstracts

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Proposals are invited from all with an interest in any topic related to medical and healthcare professions education related to undergraduate/basic training, postgraduate/specialist training, professional development/continuing medical education and scholarship.

The theme for this conference (Deconstructed, decentralised, decolonised discourses and debates: Widening our horizon) is open to your interpretation as you relate it to your specific area/aspect/expertise of health professions education.

Once you have checked to make sure that your abstract conforms to the guidelines presented below, you may submit it to the scientific committee.


Abstracts are invited for presentation in the formats listed below.

1. Short Communications/Posters

Each presenter is allocated 15 minutes for presentation followed by 5 minutes for questions. Each submission should include the following information:

  • Title
  • Authors
  • Presenter
  • Structure:
    • Background
    • Summary of work
    • Summary of results
    • Discussion and Conclusions
    • Take-home Messages
  • Word Count – 300 (Structure headings are included in the word count)
  • Key words (maximum 3)

2. Pechakucha

Share a viewpoint/opinion that you would like to communicate to SAAHE participants on any aspect of health professions education in 20 images/slides, each for 20 seconds. Each submission should include the following information:

  • Title
  • Authors
  • Presenter (a maximum of 1 presenter is permitted and should be the person submitting the abstract)
  • Structure – There is no prescribed format
  • Key words (maximum 3)

3. Conference Workshops

Conference workshops are 90- 120 minutes in duration, and should be highly interactive and participative. Each submission should include the following information:

  • Title
  • Authors
  • Presenters
  • Structure
    • Background
    • Who should attend
    • Structure of the workshop
    • Intended Outcomes
    • Level (Introductory/Intermediate/Advanced)
    • Maximum number participants – please specify a maximum no. of participants
    • Room requirements – kindly state any specific room requirements for conducting the workshop
    • Word Count – 300 words (includes structure headings)
  • Workshop presenters are responsible for their own materials, photocopies and resources to distribute and use during the workshop.
  • Key words (maximum 3)

Submit your abstract here.